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Welcome to the Abermule Website

It is hoped that this site will evolve into a community facility, used by the school, groups, the council, church, individuals and businesses of Abermule and the surrounding area. It will keep everyone informed and up to date with events and activities around.

Until that time we have a very important job to do.


That is the prime reason for starting the site. We will keep you informed about the plans of the Electricity Generating Board and what can be done to stop them and we can stop them if we shout loud enough. We all have to work together, they are a well organized and financed opposition so we must coordinate our actions if we are to stand any chance of success.

The site is split into relevant pages which are access able by clicking on the pictures down the side and the top navigation bar.



For help see Action Page

Contact tony.caplin@btinternet.com telephone 01686 630113 if you want to help or have information that will be of use to us.

We want to include other people who can be contacted , remember this is your site we need your help, you need your help, read 'Property page' to find how you have already been affected. Please contact us if you want to help. E-mail above to be put on contact list.

There will be links to other websites where you can find more information, if you have any please e-mail us.

We have much more information now,if you have any questions mail us.


Read this to see what we can expect if the hub comes

The London Array is a 25 acre site for offshore windfarms

there are no overhead lines coming in, that is the icing on our cake.

Hub Installation


Special announcements

The windfarms, listed by National Grid, that will supply the Hub will have an average output over a year of only 200 MW.

This is equivalent to:
11% of the output of the gas fired power station being built in Pembrokeshire

and is only 4% of the Welsh Assembly Government’s yearly Renewable Energy Target.

This return is not commensurate with the blighting of 40% of Mid Wales with huge turbines, multiple overhead lines on metal pylons and a 20 acre transformer hub.¬† According to consultants Capita Symonds the construction of the windfarms alone would be ‘the largest¬† infrastructure project ever seen in Wales’.


Admitted at Kerry:- "There are up to 20 wind farm application waiting until the consultation procedure is over before being submitted. This will more than double the prospective farms and the associated visual blight and powerlines heading for Abermule, maybe.



The Future

This page gives the known plans of the National Grid and the generating boards. It will also speculate on unknown growth of the proposed site and power lines. You can be sure that we are only being informed about the least of the development, after all they claim they can not speculate upon what may happen in the future, we must, once the substation is here all increase in generation from wind farms in Powys will come through Abermule



This is where we can look at the visual effects and the property values now and in the future. There are extracts taken from articles and studies of similar developments giving average losses to local residents.



Articles on various studies into the harmful effects of overhead power lines carrying up to 400,000volts can be read here. Some will deny there is a problem, the government advise best practice is to site lines away from areas of population, if there is a remote possibility of a problem we should stop the hub. There is already speculation about a heath problem hot spot caused by a 32,000 volt power line. We are facing a future of lines carrying more than twelve times that.



What it says on the can.



See all the news.

What you can do to help. What action is planned.

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